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Light and down-to-earth – modern and traditional

We use fresh local and seasonal produce to round off our menu.

Fresh from the region from the VNP Verein Naturschutzpark • Enjoy local specialities in their season

Seasonal menu with fresh products from the region

Discover fresh dishes typical of the Heath in our restaurant, such as Heidschnuckenbraten, buckwheat gâteau and many other specialities from the Lueneburg Heath.

Fresh regional produce from the VNP Verein Natur­­schutz­­park

We love to prepare what the region and the VNP Verein Naturschutzpark have to offer:

Fresh and high-quality products, from Heidschnucke from VNP’s own flocks to buckwheat specialities grown by the Bioland-certified VNP landscape conservation farm Tütsberg.

You can also indulge in our Heidländer coffee specialities.

Enjoy local specialities in season

Of course we also follow the seasons: Asparagus and blueberries from the region as well as chanterelles and game from local forests can be found in our seasonal menus.

Our selection of exquisite wines from environmentally friendly cultivation rounds off the taste experience.

Exhibitions and museums of the VNP

There is more to see in the Lueneburg Heath than you may think!

Are you planning a holiday in the Lueneburg Heath?
If so, we have some ideas for you!

Discover our exhibitions!