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Activities in the nature reserve

Our hotel in the middle of the Lueneburg Heath nature reserve is the ideal starting point for walks and hikes, cycling tours or carriage rides through the picturesque heath landscape.

Active nature experiences • Hiking in the Lueneburg Heath • Long-distance hiking-trail “Heidschnuckenweg” • Carriage rides • Cycling

Active nature experiences

Discover a unique landscape with semi-open heathland on some 700 km of hiking trails. The area can be visited on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or in carriages, which are waiting for visitors at the large car parks. To protect the landscape as well as the flora and fauna, private cars are not allowed in the nature reserve.

Heath panorama: Heather blossom in the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve

The vastness and tranquillity of the landscape invite contemplation and relaxation. No wonder the Lüneburg Heath is better known than the state of Lower Saxony – it is an extraordinary landscape.

Discover the scenic highlights near our hotel: Wilseder Berg, Totengrund and Steingrund, Pietzmoor and many more …

Hiking in the Lueneburg Heath

More than 700 km of hiking and cycling trails – ideal for short walks or extended hikes!

The most beautiful areas of the 230 square kilometre car-free Lueneburg Heath nature reserve are right on our doorstep. The clear healthy air, the silence, and the beauty of the heath landscape help our guests to relax and unwind.

Maps for your tours in the surrounding area are available at the hotel reception. Take a look at our hiking map.

Our “Heidjer’s pleasure” package is specifically geared towards hiking fans.

Long-distance hiking trail “Heidschnuckenweg”

Niederhaverbeck is waypoint no. 4 of the “Top trails of Germany” trail “Heidschnuckenweg”. Stay overnight in our Landhaus Haverbeckhof.

Along the Heidschnuckenweg: Shepherd Uwe Storm with the flock of Heidschnucken from Hof Tütsberg | Photo: Christian Burmester
Along the Heidschnuckenweg: Shepherd Uwe Storm with the flock of Heidschnucken of Hof Tütsberg

From here, the alternative route 5a from Niederhaverbeck via Schneverdingen to Bispingen-Behringen passes directly by the front door of our sister hotel Hof Tütsberg – ideal for a snack or as an intermediate stop.

For more information, please visit: www.heidschnuckenweg.de

Wheelchair-accessible circular hiking trail in Niederhaverbeck

In the valley of the Haverbeeke you can take a 1.4 km or 3.5 km wheelchair-accessible walk around the heath. At intervals of 200 m you will find places to rest and information on the flora and fauna.

For more information, see our leaflet “Rund um die Haverbeeke“ (in German only).

Heather blossoms on the barrier-free circular walk in the valley of the Haverbeeke near Niederhaverbeck
Heather blossoms on the wheelchair-accessible circular hiking trail in the valley of the Haverbeeke near Niederhaverbeck

Guided walks help you with your first tour

If you need help or inspiration – at least for your first tour – you are welcome to join one of the many guided walks, where you will learn many interesting facts about the Lueneburg Heath.

You can find dates and destinations at www.bispingen.de or www.verein-naturschutzpark.de or simply ask at our reception.

Carriage rides

Experience the Lueneburg Heath

The certified quality coachmen will show you the most beautiful places in the nature reserve. Round trips are available from one hour to a day. Enjoy relaxing time off the beaten track that you will remember for a long time.

Carriage ride through the blooming heath | Landhaus Haverbeckhof

Regularly maintained and TÜV-approved carriages will be waiting for you at the large car parks in Niederhaverbeck and Oberhaverbeck, as well as Undeloh and Döhle.

Get to know the charming landscape around the Wilseder Berg. In the Lueneburg Heath, your excursion will be an unforgettable experience. Folding roof and transparent sides make the carriage tours independent of the weather.

For more information, see Carriage rides in the Lüneburg Heath (in German, only).

In addition to the official carriage parking areas, we can recommend a carriage company for a ride starting directly from the hotel. Just ask at reception.


Landhaus Haverbeckhof is surrounded by nature, which invites you to cycle endlessly, be it to the Wilseder Berg or directly to Wilsede, Undeloh or Schneverdingen.

Thyme in flower in the Lueneburg Heath nature reserve | VNP Verein Naturschutzpark
Cycling at the time of the thyme blossom in the Lueneburg Heath nature reserve

If the way back is too far, the Heide-Shuttle (from 15 July to 15 October) will take you from one of the many bus stops right up to our front door.

With our package “Time out on two wheels” you can discover the Heide on e-bikes for two days.

Exhibitions and museums of the VNP

There is more to see in the Lueneburg Heath than you may think!

Are you planning a holiday in the Lueneburg Heath?
If so, we have some ideas for you!

Discover our exhibitions!