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May: Asparagus season

From the end of April/beginning of May, fresh regional asparagus will be served in our restaurant.

Our highlight in May: asparagus | Photo: Christian Burmester

Let us spoil you with classic and creative dishes from our asparagus menu.

August: Heath blossom and Heideblütenfest (heath blossom festival) in Schneverdingen

The magic of the heather blossoming …

… right on our doorstep!

With the largest contiguous heath areas in Central Europe, the Lueneburg Heath is a unique natural landscape. When the heath blossoms in August and September, the landscape of the Lueneburg Heath reveals its special charm. Vivid purple from many millions of blossoms, interspersed with the lush green of the junipers and pines and the silvery white of the birches, colours the entire region.

Heath in bloom in the Lüneburg Heath | VNP Verein Naturschutzpark

When and where does the heath bloom?

If the climatic conditions remain balanced, the broom heather (Calluna vulgaris) shines in purple splendour from early August to mid-September. An old Heidjer rule of thumb says: the heather blooms from 08.08. to 09.09. of a year.

From our hotel you can quickly reach beautiful walking, hiking and cycling paths through the heath. Detailed maps of the paths around the Haverbeeke are available. Experience the varied heath landscape on the barrier-free circular hiking trail that runs past the hotel.

25 to 28 August 2022: “Heideblütenfest” (heath blossom festival) in Schneverdingen

Heathland Queen Johanna and her court during the parade | Photo: Schneverdingen Touristik
Heathland Queen Johanna and her court during the parade | Photo: Schneverdingen Touristik

In the neighbourhood of the Tütsberg, the city of Schneverdingen celebrates its big heath blossom festival with a parade and the coronation of the Heathland Queen.
Click here for the programme…

October: The wild times begin!

Trees with autumn leaves | VNP Verein Naturschutzpark

We use high-quality wild game products from our own local hunting grounds to create delicious dishes, such as sauerbraten of wild boar or Königsberger Klopse of venison.

In our wine list you will find the perfect wine to go with these dishes.

You can find our venison menu in season here.

November: German kale, Martinmas Goose and Christmas Parties

Kale season

In autumn, the kale season begins again.

Why not plan your next day trip to us to eat kale, perhaps in combination with a guided walk through the heath or a carriage ride?

Carriage ride from Landhaus Haverbeckhof | Photo: Christian Burmester

We would be happy to arrange your day trip for you, just get in touch with us.

Our kale special

Bardowicker kale as much as you want
with cabbage sausage, bacon, smoked pork, fried potatoes and mustard

Price per person: 18,50 €
Group prices from 40 persons on request

St. Martin’s goose from 11 November

Traditionally, St. Martin’s Day is celebrated on 11 November. Many people don’t know what the delicious goose and the lantern procession have to do with it.

A long, long time ago, in 316 AD to be exact, Saint Martin of Tours was born in Pannonia (in what is now Hungary). Martin was a soldier and served in the Roman army for 15 years. During his time as a soldier, he encountered a scantily clad beggar. The good-natured Martin cut his cloak in half with his sword to help the poor beggar.

The following night, Jesus Christ came to Martin in a dream and pretended to be the beggar from the day before. Influenced by this dream, Martin resigned as a soldier. He found the Christian faith, was baptized, studied under the famous church teacher Hilarius and was later ordained Bishop of Tours.

After his death, Martin was canonized and made the patron saint of beggars, soldiers, armourers and domestic animals. Although St. Martin died on 8 November 397, he was buried with big public participation on 11 November. Since then, 11 November has been regarded as St Martin’s day of commemoration.

And the delicious goose?

The very modest Martin hid in a goose coop to avoid the bishop’s election. Unfortunately, the loudly chattering geese betrayed his well-intentioned hiding place, and he was ordained bishop. Since then, according to legend, the goose has been an integral part of St. Martin’s Day.

Traditionally, a lantern procession takes place in many villages on St. Martin’s Day. A person in historical “soldier’s garb” rides ahead on a horse and leads the procession. To drive away the evil spirits and the devil in the darkness, people often parade through the streets with small children and colourful lanterns, some of which they have made themselves. Light is a symbol of the holiness of God. In some regions, a “soldier” shares his coat with a beggar at the end of the procession, in memory of St. Martin.

Our goose dinner

From 11 November we offer our goose dinner as a three-course menu.
The main course is goose with potato dumplings, red cabbage and baked apples.
Price per person 49,90 €, bookable for four persons or more.

Our Christmas party package

Evening atmosphere Landhaus Haverbeckhof in Niederhaverbeck | Photo: Christian Burmester
  • Reception with punch or mulled wine, in fine weather on our lakeside terrace with fire basket
  • five hours drinks package, non-alcoholic drinks, beer and corresponding wine
  • Christmas buffet
  • tables decorated for Christmas
  • price per person from 69.90 €

* Special conditions are available for your overnight stay.

The offer can be booked from Monday to Thursday for up to 40 guests.
For more persons, we will prepare a free quotation. Please get in touch with us.

December: Christmas

Landhaus Haverbeckhof in the snow | VNP Stiftung Naturschutzpark

Our opening hours at Christmas:

23 & 24 December closed

25 December:
11:30 – 20:30 hrs à la carte Christmas menu.
Reservations possible at 11:30, 14:30 and 18:00 hrs.

26 December:
11:30 – 20:30 hrs à la carte Christmas menu
Reservations possible at 11:30, 14:30 and 18:00 hrs.

All information subject to COVID-19 legislation.

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