Team building – in a sustainable way

We will show you the Lueneburg Heath, and we will work together for the preservation of this unique cultural landscape.

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Creating something sustainable as a team!

We are a venue of the Verein Naturschutzpark. You can recognize this not only in our numerous own Heidländer products, but also in our social programmes.

This is how sustainable team building works: Discover the special characteristics of the Lueneburg Heath nature reserve and work with us for its preservation.

Team building activities

There are many ways in which we can work together to do something for the heath: We plant trees together with you that you can marvel at later with your grandchildren, we “entkusseln” (clear scrubs)* from a heath area together or enjoy the heath flowering all over the area during a guided walking tour in August.

Our colleagues from the VNP Stiftung are at your side during the activities and will introduce you to the Lüneburg Heath hands-on.

Team building events

You can find some suggestions here, but we have many more ideas for outdoor team events in store for you:

  • Planting of deciduous trees to combat climate change
  • “Entkusseln” (Clearing of scrubs)* on the heath or in the moors
  • removal of spruce and holly saplings from historic forest sites
  • creation of small sod-cutting areas
  • firewood campaigns
  • water body maintenance and renaturation of heath streams
  • construction of browsing protection fences
  • construction of bat roosts
  • construction of stag beetle hotels
  • company tree sponsorships
  • guided walking tours
  • carriage rides and torchlight hikes
  • presentations on the work of the VNP and the Lüneburg Heath

Please contact us for your dream event! You can reach us by phone at +49 5198 98980 or by email at

*”Entkusseln” (Scrub clearing) is our technical term for the removal of young shrubs from heathland. Learn more about “Entkusseln”.

Your inquiry

Which teambuilding event are you interested in? We look forward to your inquiry and will be pleased to plan an individual event with you.

Just email or call us: +49 5198 98980.

Exhibitions and museums of the VNP

There is more to see in the Lueneburg Heath than you may think!

Are you planning a holiday in the Lueneburg Heath?
If so, we have some ideas for you!

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