Wilseder Berg, Totengrund and Steingrund - three out of many natural experiences

The Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve starts right in front of your hotel doorstep: a few kilometers away there are a whole range of natural beauty - e.g. the highest elevation of the North German Geest with 169.2 m , the Wilseder Berg. Very close to it you can also find the Totengrund and Steingrund - a must hike.

Also, you should not miss the heath village Wilsede. Thatched half-timbered houses with gnarled oaks and beeches, old stone walls and cobblestone. Unique and memorable.
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Something is going on for old and young

Heidekastell Iserhatsche Bispingen

On the outskirts of Bispingen you can find  the Heidkastell Iserhatsche on a 23 hectare site with its hunting mansion, Castle Hill Montagnetto and the Philosophical Baroque Iron Park. Guided tour. Open all year.
More information: www.iserhatsche.de

Snow Dome Bispingen

Europe's most modern ski hall is the perfect playground for all skiers, snowboarders and sledging-fans - in any weather, 365 days a year. You don't have to wait for the next winter holiday in the mountains, also the first ski course will be at hand. At a glance: 23,000 square meters of snow, length: 300 m, 100 m wide, 6-man chair, various gastro areas, rental of all equipment and clothing, ski lessons.
Further information: www.snow-dome.de

Ralf Schumacher Kart & Bowl Bispingen

One of the most modern Kart facilities in Europe. You will find one outdoor (1100 m) and one indoor kart track (600 m). It has been extended with the 6 track Bowling center „Bowl’n Motion“.
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Heidjers Wohl Schneverdingen

The adventure pool with sauna in Schnevedingen is newly renovated in 2018 and invites you to relax an recharge your batteries and the family fun is not too short.
Culinary, we spoil you in the restaurant "Heidjers Happen" with our regional and vital dishes.

Further information: https://www.heidjers-stadtwerke.de/de/Energie-Co/Heidjers-Wohl-Baeder/

Center Parcs Bispingen Heide

You like to get to know Center Parcs?Then take a sniff. Refreshing Adventure, gentle relaxation and culinary delights waiting to be discovered by you.
Registration for day tickets and further information:Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fenster https://www.tagesausflugcenterparcs.de/bispingerheide/DE

Greifvogelgehege Bispingen

Bird of prey and owls can be experienced up close with the guided tours in the raptor enclosure of Frigga Steinmann-Laage. In the forests of Raubkammer Heath the animals live in a Raptor facility almost wildly. Mrs Steinmann-Laage introduce her "lodgers" in guided tours being very special due to the personal relationship between the falconer and the birds.
Further information: www.greifvogel-gehege.de

Wildpark Nindorf

Marvel and relax. The spacious grounds invite to spend a wonderful day with your family. Over 1,000 animals, birds of prey show, lectures at the wolf compound, Biology Centre, playground, petting zoo, picnic areas, Restaurant and more.
Further information: www.wild-park.de

Vogelpark Walsrode

In the largest and most beautiful bird park in the world, you can make friends with over 4,500 birds from all continents, who live here in the wild, free-flight halls or aviaries. New features include interactive stations such as the tree house and the Uhuburg. For garden lovers the Bird Park is an experience. 5000 rhododendrons and azaleas, more than 15000 roses and the blooming heather in autumn add zest to a walk through the park.
Further information: www.vogelpark-walsrode.de

Heide-Park Soltau

North Germany's largest leisure and family park offers recreational fun for the whole family. Water slides, mountain rafting, monorail, giant swing-boats, roller coaster, limit, Swiss bobsled, Enterprise, Topspin, kiddie rides, observation towers and more. In addition, shows with delphins, sea lions, parrots and alligators, Heath Village and Dutch Village and lots of nature.
Further information: Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterwww.heide-park.de

Soltau Therme

The Sole-Erlebnisbad promises health, fun and joy. With Sole paradise, sauna area, outdoor and indoor pool and spa, the Soltau-Therme offers something for everyone. Open daily all year.
Further information: www.soltau-therme.de



The holiday municipality Bispingen is located in the middle of Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. Combine your adventure holidays with a Lüneburg heath holiday. In any other region in the Lüneburg Heath, so many attractions are close by.
More information: www.bispingen-touristik.de


The town of heather flowers invites to a visit of the all year round blooming heather garden and the One-World-Church (Expo-Project).
Further Infomation: Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterwww.schneverdingen-touristik.de


The old salt and Hanseatic City of Lüneburg giving its name to a whole countrysite was one of the richest cities in northern Germany. In the old town the main gable shapes from every era can still be found side by side. The Lüneburg town hall at the market place is unique in its size and beauty in Germany. The "old crane", the landmark of Lüneburg is part of the cityscape next to the towers of the three major churches: St. Nicholas Church, St. John's Church and St. Michael's Church.
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The romantic city on the southern edge of the Lüneburg Heath with its picturesque half-timbered buildings from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the Ducal Castle, the town church and historic town hall presents itself the most impressive with a tour through the pedestrianized Old Town. An overview of the country and local history can be found in the folklore museum, the Bomann Museum.
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