April/May: time for asparagus

Starting in April/Mai fresh asparagus will be served in our restaurant. Enjoy classic and creative dishes from our asparagues menu card.



Magic of blooming heather ...

...directly in front of our door!

The Lüneburg Heath with its largest continuous heathland offers a natural landscape that is unique in Central Europe. When the heath is flowering in August and September, the countryside of Lüneburg Heath atomiced its own special charm. Vivid purple of many million flowers, interrupted by lush green juniper and pine trees and the silvery white of the birches color the whole region.

When and where blooms the heather?

When climatic conditions will stay balanced, the common heather (Calluna vulgaris) blooms from early August to mid September. An old heath rule of thumb says: The heather flowers from 08th August until 09th September!

Startingfrom our beautiful hotel, you can find great walking trails directly through the heath. For detailed maps of the trails around the Tütsberg, please contact us.

Calluna vulgaris blooms in August

27th to 30th August 2020: Heideblütenfest in Schneverdingen

Close to Tütsberg the city of Schneverdingen celebrates the big festival of the blooming heath with pageant and coroation of Heidekönigin. Opens external link in new windowHave a look into the programme...


Let's start the wild time!

In the autumn we serve our own venison from the own hunting area.




Time for green cabbage

In autumn the time for green cabbage beginns.
Why don't you plan the next trip to us for having green cabbage? Perhaps in combination with a guided tour or a carriage ride through the heath. We create the perfect day trip for you.

"Bardowicker" green cabbage all you can eat

with cooked sausage, bacon, smoked pork, fried potatoes and mustard

Price per person: € 18.50

"Martinsgans" from 11.11.2020

Goose served in one, with everthing needed with a starter and a dessert:

per person 39,90 €

Our Christmas party special*

: Reception with mulled wine, in good weather conditions on the terrace at the fire basket.
: 5 hours beverages included (non-alcoholics, beer, corresponding wine)
: Christmas buffet
: Christmas set tables

per person  from 49,90 €

*Bookable from 25 persons. For less personen, we are happy to arrange a non-binding offer.


Christmas, 25 th and 26 th December 2020

starting 10.30 am in the Wintergarten: Christmas brunch for up 35 € per person. (per child 6-12 years old 17,50 €)